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Towels and Such
I love the designs of kitchen towels and really enjoy crocheting the tops so they can hang on the kitchen
cabinets or handles of the refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove.  They're often used as hanging towels in
the bathroom too.  These gifts are known as refrigerator towels or hanging kitchen hand towels.

Over 1,000 towels are already crocheted (965 Singles, 233 Doubles and 4 Long on 11/
28/2018).  Please
find the items you'd like to order and email me your requests.  Since I am mailing out orders, remember
your family and friends who are not nearby.  I can mail their gifts directly to them.  

I have many towels awaiting my crochet hook to make the single towels with button closure which I sell
for only $4.00.  I have many more full towels which I can make as double towels  (or long towels) for
$5.50 ; a full, uncrocheted towel is $4.50.  Double towels are not cut, but crocheted on the fold.  (Look
at the tab for Types of towels.)  Most popular is the button closure.  Velcro closure is $.50 more.

I use First Class Mail: postage for 1 towel is $3.50; 2-3 towels is $4.00; 4-5 towels is $4.50; and 6 towels is
$5.00. These fit in a manila envelope, though 6 towels often weigh enough for priority mail. Postage for
a box: 7-8 towels is $8.75; 9-10 is $9.75; 11-12 is $10.75; 13-14 is $11.75; 15-16 is $12.75; 17-18 is $13.75
and 19-20 towels is $14.75. One double towel naturally counts as 2 towels in regards to postage costs.

To order, contact me in an email,, and let me know the alpha-numeric code
of the towel.  I will reply to your email.

Enjoy looking and thanks for visiting my site.  Joyce