My daughter and I are making the fleece and flannel tie blankets.  Fleece blankets are really popular
right now.  They are soft, warm, and poofy.  We decided we also like the flannel too especially when
we saw the cat print.  The flannel designs are very detailed and the flannel blanket is thinner than the
fleece but still warm.  Think of the flannel jammies or nightgown.  The fleece blankets are so popular
because, well, just because!  They have a real nice warm comfort.
The photos of the blankets may seem a little crooked.  The blankets themselves are perfect.  Some of
the photos were taken with someone holding the blanket so I did my best to crop out hands, a leg, etc.  
Photos of completed blankets may have my selection of yarns in the background used for my towels.  
This picture is made so you can see the back of the blanket- the solid color.
The flannel blankets (cat design only right now) are $22.00 and the fleece blankets are $27.  (Fleece
material is more expensive.)  
Remember, this is two thicknesses - a designer print and a solid. I will put
one or two blankets on a page.  If you want a certain blanket not listed, I can go shopping for the colors
or prints.
At the bottom of this first page, I have a Contents of blankets.
We have two of the cat flannel
blankets made so far and they sell for
$22.00.  I do have more material to
make more.  The size is approximately
40 in. x 68 in.
Email: towelsandsuch@yahoo.com
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Contents of blankets:
Cat flannel blanket, pg 1 (this page)
Horse fleece blanket, pg 2
Horse fleece blanket, pg 2
Tiger fleece blanket, pg 3-SOLD
Cows on farm fleece blanket, pg 3
Moose bear bird fleece blanket, pg 4
Moose bear wolf fleece blanket, pg 4
Moose bear fish fleece blanket, pg 5
Moose family fleece blanket, pg 5
Puppies, pg 6- 1 av, (sold 1 of 2)
Kittens, pg 6 - 1 av, (sold 1 of 2)
Wolves, pg 7
Baby teddy bears, pg 7
Home Sweet Home cabin, pg 8 - 1 av, (sold 1 of 2)
Blankets, pg 2
Some people are buying their own material and my daughter and I will make the blankets for a fee.  
You must let me know ahead of time to see if there is enough time in our schedule to make them.  We
only make them on weekends.