FLSUN015  Lots of sunflowers against blue background   ( )  Availabilty: 3 full uncrocheted
FLSUN016 Sunflowers in a basket, canisters/boxes/bottle of coffee, vanilla, pears, cinnamon, sweet tea
(cornmeal yellow, hunter green)
Availability: 23 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 4 singles in cornmeal yellow
FLSUN017 Three sunflowers, 2 matching butterflies (hunter green)  Availability ; Finished: 3 singles in
hunter green
FLSUN021 Row of 5 sunflowers, green & white checks ( )  Availability: 4 full uncrocheted
FLSUN022 Field of sunflowers, barn (jonquil yellow)  Availability: only as sets
FLSUN023 Many yellow/gold sunflowers, red brick bottom border (deep sea green, claret, beige)  
Availability: 9 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in deep sea green
FLSUN024 Patches of black/gray/white gingham with many sunflowers (jonquil yellow, black)  Availability: 3
full uncrocheted
FLSUN025 Two sunflowers and a sun in a frame, 2 small sunflowers on both sides of frame, "Sunflower,
Seeds," background is ivy-type leaves  (med sage, dk sage)  
Availability: 14 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 2
singles in med sage, 1 single in dk sage