FRFRU015 Dark green background featuring
cherries, then grapes & pears (hunter green)  
Availability: 27 full uncrocheted
FRFRU012 Bright fruits-strawberries, berries, grapes,
flowers, green lines background  
Availability: 14 full
FRFRU014 Two rows of fruits including bananas, grapes,
strawberries, plums, cherries, peach, apple, pear (paddy
Availability: 4 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in
paddy green
FRFRU013 "Peaches, grapes, strawberries, plums,
apples, pears", framed by black line with butterflies &
Availability: 8 full uncrocheted
FRFRU016 Bowl of cherries, blue vase of
sunflowers, pears, watermelon, blue & black lined
background (deep periwinkle)  
Availability ; Finished:
3 singles in deep periwinkle
FRFRU018 Six frames of 3 big apples & 3 bunches of
grapes (cardinal, forest green, hunter green)  
Availability: 48 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in
forest green
FRFRU019 Ripening cluster of pear, apple, grapes, orange, plum
(med navy, honey gold)  
Availability: 1 full uncrocheted ; Finished:
1 single in med navy
FRFRU020 "Calico fruit," different
individual fruit with different designs,
red squiggle-line border  
Availability: 1
full uncrocheted, 2 singles uncrocheted
FRFRU021 Basket of fruit with vertical lines &
small pictures of fruit as background  (spruce)  
Availability: 17 full uncrocheted
FRFRU022 Nine frames of fruits & flowers, apples,
oranges, strawberries,  mostly green design as
background (paddy green)  
Availability: 2 full uncrocheted
FRFRU023 Many fruits, strawberries featured, some
flowers (light damson[purple], gold)  
Availability: 2 full
uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in gold
FRFRU024 Large purple frame, inside is 2
clusters of purple grapes, a pear, 2 apples,
flowers, 2 top rows have grapes, butterflies,
apples, flowers (yellow, dk sage)
Availability: 1
single uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in dk sage
FRFRU025 Many fruits including plums, grapes,
pears, cherries, with large frame & border of
more fruit  
Availability: 2 singles uncrocheted
FRFRU026 Grapes, pear, strawberries, gold leaves as
two side borders (med purple, gold)  
Availability: 4 full
FRFRU027 Four frames of apples, plums, purple
grapes, red grapes ( )
Availability: 4 full uncrocheted
FRFRU028 Pears, apples, blossoms, "Apple, pear
orchard blossom, gardening, pear blossom, garden,
fruit"( )  
Availability: 7 full uncrocheted
FRFRU029 Bright fruits-strawberries, cherries,
grapes, plums, pears ( )  
Availability: 9 full
FRFRU032 Apples, cherries, leaves, black checks ( )  
Availability: 3 full uncrocheted
FRFRU034 One frame, bowl of blueberries, wicker basket of apples, blue pitcher, a pear, "jelly, jam" (windsor
blue/dk country blue, true navy)
Availability: 2 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in dk country blue   Singles
are $4.00