How to order
Each of my towels have an 8-character code. The first 2 letters stand for the
category and the next 3 letters give an idea of what the towel is:
FRuits, vegetables & herbs;
HOliday; &
ANBER001 is in the animal category, bear, and #1 of my bear towels.  Likewise,
HOCSA001 is in the holiday category, Christmas, Santa, and #1.  The code is in
front of the towel description.

Limited availability is typed in red after the description.  
The word "uncrocheted"
means it is in my inventory uncrocheted; you can still order singles, doubles, or full
towels as described.
See "How to order--types of towels" for more information.

Simply write down which towels you'd like to order and send me an email.  I use
two emails: and .  I will
confirm the description to be sure it is exactly what you want, and you can let me
know the color yarn, button or velcro, and single, double towels or full towels.
Remember, you may request a bagholder separate or to match your favorite

Be sure to check the
Specialty towel sets pages for a good deal.  Check out the
towel sets where you can get 6 or 7 pieces for only $10.  Just let me know what
you'd like.

Again, I accept cashiers check, money order, personal checks.  I also accept
Paypal but only if you accept the fees.  They charge me a fee and I don't make
that much on a $3 single to pay extra Paypal fees.  I prefer the checks and money

I do mail out internationally (already have for Australia, Japan, Canada, the
Netherlands, Ireland, and a few more places but must have the order and address
to get shipping costs from the Post Office.  Payment must be in US dollars and
customers tell me that Paypal seems to be the least expense way to pay the
conversion rate and also a fee that Paypal charges me.  I've been told that
international checks/money orders can be a $25 charge.  You will have to check
on the best and inexpensive way to pay.

All of my towels are much nicer in-hand than online.  My site gives you a good
idea idea of what the towel looks like, but you will be very pleased at how lovely
the towel actually looks.

If you have any questions, be sure to email me at .
Thanks for looking at my site.
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